Imhoff Tank

The Imhoff tank, a two-story tank, uses the upper chamber for settling and the lower chamber for sludge digestion. It can be followed by additional process steps to improve plant effluent quality. The Imhoff-tank-intermittent-sand-filter combination (see Figure 7.21.12) were popular for small municipalities prior to the wide use of the trickling filter and activated-sludge processes. Some units serve homes and recreation areas.

The tank has the advantage of being a nonmechanical device; however, it does require deep excavation unless it is built above ground, which requires more expensive construction and pumping of the raw sewage. Since heating of the digester is uneconomical due to the heat losses in the settling section of the tank, the digester is sized for un-heated operation. For uniform sludge distribution to the digestion section of the tank, the tank periodically reverses

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