Well Screen Length Varies

Sediment Sump (As Appropriate)

Dry Bentonite Pellets

Minimum 2 in (50 mm) ID Riser With Flush Threaded Connections Wrapped With Pipe Tape or With O-rings (Varies With Riser Material)

Centralizers As Necessary

Centralizer(s) As Necessary

Well Identification Labeled Inside and Outside The Cap

Vented Cap Protective Casing

Washed Pea Gravel or Coarse Sand Mixture 1/4 in (6.3 mm) Weep Hole at 6 in Above Ground Level

3 ft - 5ft (1.0 to 1.5 m) Extend Protective Casing Depth To Below Frost Line

Grout Length Varies


6 in - 1 ft (152 mm to 304 mm) Final Secondary Filter Pack 3 ft - 5 ft (1.0 m to 1.5 m) Bentonite Seal

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