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Potential Health Effects from Ingestion of Water

Sources of Contaminant in Drinking Water

Nervous system and liver effects Liver and kidney damage Liver, kidney, blood cell damage Liver, kidney, nervous, circulatory Liver, kidney, nervous, circulatory Cancer

Liver, kidney effects; cancer Cancer

Liver, kidney, nervous system




Liver, kidney, nerve, immune, circulatory Growth, liver, kidney, nerve effects Cancer; liver and kidney effects Cancer

Liver, nervous system damage Cancer

Liver, kidney, nervous, circulatory Cancer

Liver and kidney damage Liver, kidney; nervous system

Kidney, nervous system damage Gastrointestinal irritation


Bone, lung damage

Thyroid, nervous system damage

Heart, liver damage

Kidney, liver, brain, intestinal

Decreased body weight;

liver and testes damage Liver, kidney Cancer

Waste solvent from metal degreasing processes

Runoff from herbicide on wheat, corn, rangelands, lawns

Paints, engine cleaning compounds, dyes, chemical wastes

Waste industrial extraction solvents

Waste industrial extraction solvents

Soil fumigant on soybeans, cotton, pineapple, orchards

Soil fumigant; waste industrial solvents

Water treatment chemicals; waste epoxy resins, coatings

Gasoline; insecticides; chemical manufacturing wastes

Leaded gas additives; leaching of soil fumigant

Leaching of insecticide for termites, very few crops

Biodégradation of heptachlor

Insecticide on cattle, lumber, gardens;

restricted 1983 Insecticide for fruits, vegetables, alfalfa, livestock, pets Wood preservatives, herbicide, cooling tower wastes Coolant oils from electrical transformers; plasticizers Plastics, rubber, resin, drug industries; leachate from city landfills

Improper disposal of dry cleaning and other solvents Gasoline additive; manufacturing and solvent operations Insecticide on cattle, cotton, soybeans; cancelled 1982 Herbicide on crops, right-of-way, golf courses;

cancelled 1983 By-product of gasoline refining; paints, inks, detergents

Natural/industrial deposits; plumbing, solder, brass alloy faucets

Natural/industrial deposits; wood preservatives, plumbing

Fire retardants, ceramics, electronics, fireworks, solder Electrical, aerospace, defense industries Electroplating, steel, plastics, mining, fertilizer Metal alloys, electroplating, batteries, chemical production Electronics, drugs, alloys, glass

Synthetic rubber, food packaging, cosmetics

Herbicide on orchards, beans, coffee, lawns, road/railways Paint stripper, metal degreaser, propellant, extraction









Oxamyl (Vydate)

PAHs (benzo(a)pyrene)

Phthalate, (di(2-ethylhexyl))



1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene 1,1,2-Trichloroethane

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