posal of its own low-level waste. Amendments passed in 1985 strengthened the act and established a firm decisionmaking timeline for the states (Table 11.26.9). Federal law gives each state the option of establishing a disposal site within its borders, or forming a partnership or compact, with other states to dispose of low-level waste on a regional basis (Figure 11.26.2). Each state must take title to all waste generated within its borders by January 1, 1996, whether or not a disposal facility is operating at that time.

Beginning in 1993, the Washington site restricted LLRW received for disposal to the Northwest and Rocky Mountain compact states. The South Carolina facility is to remain open until 1996, but stopped accepting waste from outside the southeast compact in 1994. At this time, states without access to an operational disposal site will have to store their LLRW until a location is identified for disposal.

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