Conventional Biological Treatment

7.20 Septic and Imhoff Tanks

7.21 Conventional Sewage Treatment Plants

Secondary Treatment

7.22 Wastewater Microbiology

7.23 Trickling Filters

7.24 Rotating Biological Contactors

7.25 Activated-Sludge Processes

7.26 Extended Aeration

7.27 Ponds and Lagoons

7.28 Anaerobic Treatment

7.29 Secondary Clarification

7.30 Disinfection

Advanced or Tertiary Treatment

7.31 Treatment Plant Advances

7.32 Chemical Precipitation

7.33 Filtration

7.34 Coagulation and Emulsion Breaking

Organics, Salts, Metals, and Nutrient Removal

7.35 Soluble Organics Removal

7.36 Inorganic Salt Removal by Ion Exchange

7.37 Demineralization

7.38 Nutrient (Nitrogen and Phosphorous) Removal

Chemical Treatment

7.39 Neutralization Agents and Processes

7.40 pH Control Systems

7.41 Oxidation-Reduction Agents and Processes

7.42 ORP Control (Chrome and Cyanide Treatment)

7.43 Oil Separation and Removal

Sludge Stabilization and Dewatering

7.44 Stabilization: Aerobic Digestion

7.45 Stabilization: Anaerobic Digestion

7.46 Sludge Thickening

7.47 Dewatering Filters

7.48 Dewatering: Centrifugation

7.49 Heat Treatment and Thermal Dryers

Sludge Disposal

7.50 Sludge Incineration

7.51 Lagoons and Landfills

7.52 Spray Irrigation

7.53 Ocean Dumping

7.54 Air Drying

7.55 Composting

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