Thin-Film Evaporator

Water to Aqueous Treatment

Water to Aqueous Treatment

FIG. 3.8.9 Acetone recovery. The thin-film evaporator provides a solution for hard-to-filter calcium fluorides. (Reprinted, with permission, from Smith and Patela, 1992.)

tities of aqueous waste, and then dried—another high capital cost item.

A more elegant solution involves a thin-film evaporator. In this design, the neutralized slurry is fed continuously to a thin-film evaporator. The acetone and water evaporate and are condensed, and the calcium fluorides fall from the base of the evaporator as a free-flowing, fine, dry powder. The acetone and water are fed continuously to a distillation column. The water leaves the bottom of the column and is sent to a water treatment plant. The acetone is upgraded to a sufficiently high purity to be reused directly in the production.

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