a1000 grains/100 scf is 22.9 grams/cu m

Oxidation to Oxides of Sulfur

An alternative strategy in sulfur recovery is the oxidation to oxides of sulfur. For treating air with low concentrations of H2S, this strategy does not require finding a market for small amounts of sulfur produced, and it can remove any adsorbed products from the catalyst bed thermally or by flushing with water.

The Katasulf process (Germany) for cleaning gas streams for domestic use can operate in various configurations. Depending on the pollutants and their concentrations in the feed gas, a prewasher may be necessary in addition to the main gas washer for SO2 removal from gases exiting the catalyst chamber. Other applications use side-stream or split-stream arrangements. In each case, the catalyst is activated carbon, alumina, or a combination of two of three metals (iron, nickel, and copper) and operates close to 400°C. The Katasulf process is effective for H2S and NH3 removal and can be operated to reduce HCN and organic sulfur compounds.

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