Cation and anion SA/SB


Cation and anion WA/WB


Resin Cost, $/ft3, Strong-acid-cation exchanger


Strong-base-anion exchanger


Special resin


WA = Weak-acid-cation exchanger SA = Strong-acid-cation exchanger WB = Weak-base-anion exchanger SB = Strong-base-anion exchanger MB = Mixture SA-SB DEG = Degasification

Weakly acidic and weakly basic ion exchangers are used since they regenerate efficiently with an acid and base, respectively. Information on ion exchange resin capacity and other performance is available from ion-exchange resin manufacturers. Capacity and leakage values are based on water treatment components. These values are generally available on computer programs. Since waste control is important, most ratings give neutralization estimates so that wastewater treatment facilities can balance acid and alkaline usage to give neutral waste. This consideration is important in plant design.

The engineering parameters listed in Table 7.36.3 show hydraulic and rate values for a typical ion-exchange design.

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