FIG. 7.49.5 Flash dryer.
FIG. 7.49.6 Screw dryer.

Figure 7.49.6). The heat is transferred to the sludge as it is conveyed through the dryer.

Multiple-hearth dryers are converted multiple-hearth furnaces. The wet sludge can be mixed with dry product as it descends through the furnace. Fuel burners are located both on top and bottom.

Rotary dryers consist of a rotating cylinder through which the sludge moves (see Figure 7.49.7). Various types of blades or flights are installed in the dryers depending on the type of material being dried. Drying takes place by direct contact with heated air.

The chemical process industry has used atomized or spray dryers for many years (see Figure 7.49.8). For example, they make detergents by spraying the wet slurry

FIG. 7.49.7 Rotary dryer.

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