L = Limited SD = Some Designs H = High A = Average M = Minimal N = None SR = Square Root

= The data in this column is for general guidance only. , = The inherent rangeability of the primary device is substantially greater than shown. The value used reflects the limitation of the differential pressure sensing device when 1% of the actual flow accuracy is needed. With multiple-range intelligent transmitters, the rangeability can reach 10:1. / = The pipe size establishes the upper limit. „ = Practically unlimited with the probe-type design. - = Must be conductive. t = Can be reranged over 100:1. t = Varies with upstream disturbance. " = Can be more at high Re. No. services. fe = Up to 100:1 with high precision design.

" = Commercially available gas flow elements can be ±1% of rate. k = More for gas turbine meters.

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