occurred. However, at 40°C stripping was not described by first-order kinetics, and propionaldehyde oxidation to less volatile propionic acid was apparent when removals measured as COD were less than those measured as aldehyde.

Stripping of butyraldehyde and valeraldehyde at 25°C did not follow first-order kinetics, indicating oxidation of aldehyde to acid may also be occurring. Removals after an 8 hr aeration time at 25°C and an air flow of 900 ml/min/l, were 85% for propionaldehyde and butyraldehyde, and 98% for valeraldehyde. In a biological system all three removal mechanisms would exist: biological oxidation and synthesis, air stripping, and air oxidation. The magnitude of each means would depend primarily on the activity of the bacterial culture and the degree of gas-liquid contact.

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