List Of Abbreviations

The following abbreviations apply to the design of trickling filters:

E1 Percent BOD removal efficiency through first-stage filter and clarifier E2 Percent BOD removal efficiency through second-stage filter and clarifier W BOD loading, in lb per day, to first-stage filter, not including recycling W1 BOD loading, in lb per day, to second-stage filter, not including recycling Ld Removable BOD at depth D, in mg/l L Total removable BOD, in mg/l D Depth of filter, in ft K1 Constant

Le Unsettled filter effluent BOD, in mg/l Li Filter influent BOD, in mg/l i Influent flow, in mgd r Recirculation flow, in mgd a Filter radius, in ft T Wastewater temperature, in °C

Q1 Hydraulic load, in gal per min per sq ft (not including recirculation) K3 or K Treatability constant Q Flow, in mgd

Lo Influent BOD (including recirculation), in mg/l

A Area of filter, in acres m,n Constants for media

K20 Treatability constant at 20°C

V Volume of filter, in acre-feet

F Recirculation factor

(1 + 0.1R)2 where R is the recirculation ratio


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