Location Of Systems

Title 40, Part 60 of the Code of Federal Regulations includes guidelines for instrument location within specific performance specifications. GEP dictates a location sepa rate from bends, exits, and entrances to prevent measurements in areas of high gas or material stratification. Environmental engineers can determine the degree of stratification of either the flowrate or pollution concentration by taking a series of preliminary measurements at a range of operating conditions. For gas measurements, certification testing confirms the proper location. Under the certification, readings from the gas analyzer must agree with the stack sampler measurements to within 20% relative accuracy (RA).

To convert the volumetric pollution concentration (ppmv) measured by the CEM system to the mass emission rate (lb/hr) required by the CAAA, an environmental engineer must measure the flowrate. Proper placement of the sensor in the flue-gas stream is a key requirement. The goal is to measure flow that represents the entire operation at various boiler loads. Measurement must compare favorably with the standard EPA reference methods to demonstrate the RA of the unit.

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