Materials Of Construction

Outdoor sand-bed filters: Reinforced concrete, cast-iron piping, and cast steel valves; Pressure vacuum, or deep-bed filters: Wetted parts under tensile loading: stainless steels; rubber-coated or polymer-coated steel; and copper-bearing alloys for a pH near 7; Wetted parts for compressive loading only, such as filter press plates: aluminum alloys, bronzes, cast steel, lead-coated or polymer-coated steel, wood, and stainless steel; Wetted parts, very low load, such as filter cloth support grid: polymers like polypropylene; Nonwetted parts: carbon steel filter media for waste treatment filters: Cellulose (e.g., cotton), polyamide fibers (nylon and nomex), polyesters, acrylics, polyolefins, fluorocarbons, fiberglass, mineral fibers, and woven metals

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