Maximum Acceptable Oil Concentration In Influent

High-rate, granular filtration systems are used for SS removal from a variety of water and wastewater streams. Applications include industrial process water; municipal potable water; final polishing of sewage treatment effluents; removal of mill scale and oil from hot rolling-mill cooling water; removal of residual oil from American Petroleum Institute (API) separator and dissolved-air flotation effluents; and pretreatment of water and wastewater for advanced forms of treatment, such as carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electrodialysis, and ozonation.

Recent applications include the simultaneous removal of SS and suspended or dissolved phosphorus and nitrogen nutrients using combination biological-physical-chemical processes in granular-filtration-type systems. The basic purpose of high-rate granular filtration processes is to remove low concentrations of SS from large volumes of water (from 100 gpm to usually more than 1000 gpm).

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