Maximum Sludge Moisture Content Without Need Of Auxiliary Fuel

65% without air preheater, 73% with preheater

Although incineration using fluidized beds is relatively new, the fluidization of solid particle media has been used for some time in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The petroleum industry has used fluidized-bed reactors for catalytic cracking of complex hydrocarbons to produce simple, molecular hydrocarbon structures. If the fluidized medium consists of catalyst particles (a substance that enhances a chemical reaction without being consumed), chemical reactions are promoted within the medium.

Incineration in a fluidized bed consists of injecting substances, namely solid waste or liquid sludge and air, into a catalytic bed that causes a chemical reaction to occur. In this reaction, as in the cracking process, simpler products are formed. Frequently, the catalyst for this reaction is a bed of heated, fluidized sand.

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