Metering Pumps

The specifications for metering pumps (Section 7.6) should be carefully checked for rangeability and precision. The pump speed and stroke should be electronically set rather than pneumatically. The mechanism should be chosen that requires the least maintenance and meets the precision and rangeability requirements. Many flexible diaphragm pumps have a repeatability of only 2% and a turndown of 20:1. The pump should be located as close as possible to the injection point. Since this is usually more difficult for pumps than for control valves, greater reagent delivery delays (dead time), especially on start-up, are experienced with metering pumps. Also, it is necessary to maintain a backpressure on the pump in order to sustain accuracy. Consequently, pumps with a free discharge (reagent dumped on the liquid surface in an atmospheric vessel) should be provided with a backpressure regulator on the pump discharge. The biggest source of dead time in well-mixed systems using liquid reagents is due to reagent delivery delays.

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