Mg Locks Air Laterals Steel Plates

FIG. 7.33.5 Pressure-type, deep-bed, granular filter in forward flow operation. (Forward flow corresponds to the filtering, and back flow corresponds to the wash cycle.)

Ultra-high-rate filters remove only 50 to 75% of applied solids. Filters with less than 15-gpm-per-sq-ft-hy-draulic loading provide at least 90% solids removal, and 98% or more is also possible.

Coarse media are used in the diameter range of 0.5 to 5 mm, with most of the media in the 1- to 3-mm range. The specific solids loading ranges are between 1 and 10 lb per sq ft. Coagulants and polyelectrolytes can be fed directly into the filter.

For example, if a specific loading of 5 lb per sq ft can be obtained, a 12.5-ft-diameter filter can remove 600 lb of SS before backwashing is required. This specific loading permits the addition of chemical coagulants into the filter influent to improve the removal efficiency without excessively reducing the filtration cycle period.

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