Modified Bardenpho Process

This process, also known as the Phoredox process, is composed of an anaerobic zone preceding the Bardenpho process to achieve biological phosphorus removal. Part c

F. BioDenipho Process

FIG. 7.38.8 Continued in Figure 7.38.8 is a schematic diagram of the process. It is similar to the Bardenpho process in that the design includes an influent detention time of 18 to 24 hr, an internal recycling rate of 200 to 400% of the influent flow rates, and no partitioning of each zone.

This process can achieve an effluent NOx-N of 2 mg/l or less with proper detention time in the primary and secondary anoxic zones. However, the inherently low F/M of the process requires chemical polishing to achieve an effluent total phosphorus concentration of 1 mg/l. This process is used by more than 10 installations in the United States. Table 7.38.7 shows the design parameters.

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