Partial List Of Suppliers

ABB Kent Taylor (B); Badger Meter Inc. (A,B); Bethlehem Corp. (B); BIF Products of Leeds & Northrup (A,B,C); Daniel Flow Products Inc. (A,C); Delta-T Co. (C); Digital Valve Co. (critical-flow venturi nozzles); Fielding Crossman Div. of Lisle Metrix Ltd. (A,C); Fischer & Porter Co. (B); Flow Systems Inc. (B); Fluidic Techniques Inc. (A); Fox Valve Development Corp. (A); F.B. Leopold Co. (A,B); Permutit Co. Inc. (A,C); Perry Equipment Corp. (B); Henry Pratt Co. (A,B); Preso Industries (A,B); Primary Flow Signal Inc. (A,C); STI Manufacturing Inc.; Tri-Flow Inc. (A); Vickery-Simms Div. of FTI Industries (A); West Coast Research Corp.

In applications where the flows of large volumes of water are measured, considerations of the measurement pumping costs often outweigh the initial cost of the sensor. Because the venturi flowmeters (see Figure 7.6.13) require less pressure drop than any other d/p-type flow sensor, their designs (see Figure 7.6.14) are frequently used in the wastewater treatment industry.

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