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Allweiler Pump Inc. (e); Aurora Pump Unit, General Signal Corp. (a,b); Barnes Pumps Inc. (a,d); Crane Co. (a,d); Dresser Pump Div. (a,c); Duriron Co. (a,c,d); Fairbank Morse Pump Corp. (a,b); Flygt Corp. (a); Gorman-Rupp Industries Div. (a,b,d); Goulds Pumps (a,c); Ingersoll-Rand Co. (a,c,d); Komline-Sanderson Engineering Corp. (c,d); Lakeside Equipment Corp. (e); Marlow Div., ITT (a,c,d); Moyno Pump, Robbins & Myers Inc. (c,e); Smith & Loveless (a,d,f); Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp. (a,c,d,e); Wallace & Tiernan (c,d); Weil Pump Co. (a,f); Wemco Div., Envirotech (a); Zimpro-Passavant Inc. (c,d,e)

Pumping applications at wastewater treatment facilities include pumping (1) raw or treated wastewater, (2) grit, (3) grease and floating solids, (4) dilute or well-thickened raw sludge or digested sludge, (5) sludge or supernatant return, and (6) chemical solutions. Pumps and lift stations are also used extensively in the collection system. Each pumping application requires specific design and pump selection considerations.

Pumping stations are often required for pumping (1) untreated domestic wastewater, (2) storm water runoff, (3) industrial wastewater, (4) combined domestic wastewater and storm water runoff, (5) sludge at a wastewater treatment plant, (6) treated domestic wastewater, and (7) circulating water systems at treatment plants.

This section briefly discusses various pumps and their applications. Because centrifugal pumps are commonly used for raw wastewater pumping, centrifugal pumps and pump selection, the design procedure for a raw wastewater pumping station, specifications of pumping, and control equipment are described.

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