Partial List Of Suppliers

Altech Systems Corp.; Ametek, Process and Analytical Instruments Div.; Extrel Corp.; The Foxboro., Environmental Monitoring Operations; KVB Analect, Inc.; MDA Scientific, Inc.; Nicolet Instrument Corp.; Radian Corp.; Rosemount Analytical, Inc.

The open-path, optical remote sensing techniques make new areas of monitoring possible. These techniques measure the interaction of light with pollutants in real time (see Figure 5.13.1). In an open-path configuration, path lengths—the distance between a light source and a re flecting device—can range to kilometers. Thus, these techniques are ideal for characterizing emission clouds wafting over process areas, storage tanks, and waste disposal sites. Open-path optical sensing systems can monitor gas concentrations at the fence lines of petrochemical plants and hazardous waste sites.

Wide-area systems are also being used indoors for emergency response and to demonstrate compliance with OSHA regulations. When used indoors, these systems can quickly detect routine or accidental releases of many chemical species. They are frequently fitted to control systems




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