Partial List Of Suppliers

Bindicator Co.; Contaq Technologies Corp.; Controltron Corp.; Crane/Pro-Tech Environmental Instruments; Delavan Inc. Process Instrumentation Operations; Delta Controls Corp.; Electro Corp.; Electronic Sensors Inc.; Endress + Hauser Inc.; Enterra; Fischer and Porter Co.; Genelco Div. Bindicator; Gordon Products Inc.; Greyline Instruments Inc.; HiTech Technologies Inc. (fly ash application); Hyde Park Electronics Inc.; Introkek, Subsidiary of Magnetrol International; Inventron Inc.; Kay Ray/Sensall Inc.; KDG Mobrey Ltd.; Kistler-Morse Corp.; Krone America Inc. (sludge interface); Magnetrol International; Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd. (sludge level); Marsh-McBirney Inc.; Massa Products Corp.; Microswitch/Honeywell, Milltronics Inc.; Monitek Technologies Inc.; Monitor Mfg.; Monitrol Mfg. Co.; Panametrics Inc.; Penberthy; Sirco Industrial Ltd.; SOR Precision Sensors; TN Technologies Inc.; Ultrasonic Arrays Inc. (thickness, texture, surface reflectivity); United Sensors Inc.; Vega B.V.; Zevex Inc.

As is shown in Figures 7.6.18 and 7.6.19, ultrasonic level sensors are used widely on sludge level and sludge interface detection services. Ultrasonic sludge blanket detectors can also be lowered periodically into the tank for trans-mittance measurements, or they can be permanently positioned for echo detection. In the newer designs, targets or sounding pipe ridges are used for automatic calibration. Even more recently, flexural sensors are installed to measure the transit time or echo in the tank wall instead of through the process liquid.

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