Partial List Of Suppliers

Bailey Controls Co. Div. Babcock & Wilcox; BTG Inc.; Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.; Custom Sensor & Technology; Du Pont Co. Instrument Systems; Fischer & Porter Co.; Foxboro Co.; Gam Rad West Inc.; Great Lakes Instruments Inc.; Honeywell Industrial Controls; HF Scientific Inc.; Interocean Systems Inc.; Kajaani Electronics Ltd. (Finland); Kernco Instrument Co.; Lisle-Matrix Ltd.; Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.; Maselli Measurements Inc.; McNab Inc.; Merlab (Hungary); Monitek Technologies Inc.; Ohmart Corp.; Photronic Inc.; Rosemount Analytical Inc.; Sigrist-Photometer AG; Turner Design; Wedgewood Technology Inc.

Turbidity is a measure of water cloudiness caused by finely dispersed SS that scatter visible or IR light. The higher the turbidity (cloudier the fluid), the more scattering occurs. Therefore, transmitted light intensity is reduced while the scattered light intensity (detected at a 90° angle to the light path) increases. Turbidity can also be detected indirectly by colorimeters, activated sludge monitors, or consistency meters.

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