Partial List Of Suppliers

(For capacitance, conductivity, and ultrasonic probe suppliers see The Instrument Engineers' Handbook: Process Measurement, Third Ed.; Agar Corp. (D); Amprodux Inc.; Bailey Controls Div.; Bernhard & Scholtissek, Veba Oel AG; Delta C Technologies (B); Du Pont Instrument Systems (C); Endress + Hauser Instruments (B); Foxboro Co. (B); Invalco (C); Spatial Dynamics Applications Inc.; Teledyne Analytical Instruments (C)

Oil and grease must be removed from wastewater plant effluents before they are discharged into the environment. Oil can either float on top of the aqueous effluent or be dispersed in it. With an oil layer, the monitoring task is an interface level measurement (see Figures 7.6.18, 7.6.19, and 7.6.20), which can be based on conductivity, capacitance, ultrasonic, and optical sensors. For dispersed oil in water, UV analyzers are used to detect low (ppm) concentrations, and radio-frequency microwave or density sensors are used for higher (%) ranges.

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