Partial List Of Suppliers

ABB Kent Taylor Inc. (primaries); American Sigma Inc. (bubbler); Badger Meter Inc. (Parshall or manhole flume, ultrasonic and open-channel computing); Bernhar Inc. (ultrasonic for partially filled pipes); Bestobell/Mobrey (ultrasonic); BIF Unit of Leeds & Northrup (primary and detector); Drexelbrook Engineering Co. (capacitance for flumes); Endress + Hauser Inc. (ultrasonic and capacitance); Fischer & Porter Co. (ultrasonic); Free Flow Inc. (primaries); Greyline Instruments Inc. (ultrasonic); Inventron Inc. (ultrasonic); ISCO Inc. (bubbler, hydrostatic, and ultrasonic); Key-Ray/Sensall Inc. (ultrasonic); Leeds & Northrup BIF (flow nozzles); Leupold & Stevens Inc. (float); Manning Environmental Corp. (primaries); Marsh-Mcbirney Inc. (electromagnetic); Mead Instruments Corp. (velocity probe); Milltronics Inc. (ultrasonic); Minitek Technologies Inc. (open-channel magmeter and ultrasonic); Montedoro-Whitney Corp. (open-channel flow by ultrasonics); MSR Magmeter Mfg. Ltd. (robotic magmeter probe for open channel); N.B. Instruments Inc. (computer monitoring of sewers); Plasti-Fab Inc. (primaries); Princo Instruments Inc. (capacitance); J.L. Rochester Co. (manual depth sensor); Sparling Instruments Co. (primaries); TN Technologies Inc. (ultrasonic)

In the wastewater treatment industry, the flow in large, open pipes or channels must be measured. The weir and flume designs, particularly the Parshall flume (see Figure 7.6.15), make such measurements. The common feature

FIG. 7.6.15 Dual-range Parshall flume. (Reprinted, with permission, from Fischer & Porter Co.)

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