Partial List Of Suppliers

A. Survey and personnel monitoring: Amersham Corp.; Dosimeter Corp.; Eberline Instrument Corp.; Edmund Scientific Co.; EG&G Ortec/EG&G Berthold; Health Physics Instruments; Keithley Instruments, Inc.; Lab Safety Supply, Inc.; Ludlum Measurements, Inc.; Oxford Instruments, Inc.; Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.; TN Technologies, Inc.

B. Radiological Analysis: Canberra Industries, Inc.; EG&G Ortec/EG&G Berthold; Health Physics Instruments; Oxford Instruments, Inc.; PGC Scientific Corp.; Premier American Technologies, Corp.; Princeton Gamma-Tech, Inc.; Teledyne Isotopes

Detection and quantification of radioactivity is critical to personnel and environmental safety, since radioactivity cannot be detected by the human senses. Devices to measure the dose of radiation received, and the amount of the radionuclide present are available. In spite of this, there are few qualified commercial enterprises that handle radiological monitoring or analysis. Most radiological expertise is confined to government or industrial institutions whose primary responsibility or business involves radioactive materials. Some general-purpose radiological services are provided by individual state laboratories.

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