Partial List Of Suppliers

Portland Cement Pozzolan Process: Aerojet Energy Conversion Co.: ATCOR, Inc.; Chem-Nuclear System, Inc.; Delaware Custom Materials; Energy, Inc.; General Electric Co.; Hittman Nuclear and Development Co.; Stock Equipment Co.; Todd Research and Technical Div., United Nuclear Industries; Westinghouse Electric Co.

Asphalt-Based (Thermoplastic); Microencapsulation (Thermoplastic); Microencapsulation: Werner A. Pfleidler; Aerojet Energy Conversion Co.; Newport News Industrial Corp.

Solidification techniques encapsulate hazardous waste into a solid material of high structural integrity. Encapsulation involves either fine waste particles, microencapsulation, or a large block or container of wastes, macroencapsulation (Conner 1990). Stabilization techniques treat hazardous waste by converting it into a less soluble, mobile, or toxic form. Solidification/stabilization (S/S) processes utilize one or both of these techniques.

The goal of S/S processes is the safe ultimate disposal of hazardous waste. Four primary reasons for treating the waste are to:

• Improve handling characteristics for transport on-site or to an off-site TSD facility

• Limit the mobility or solubility of pollutants contained in the waste

• Reduce the exposed area allowing transfer or loss of contained pollutants

• Detoxify contained pollutants

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