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Aerators, Inc.; Dorr-Oliver Inc.; Edex Inc.; Eimco Process Equipment; Envirex, Inc., a Rexnord Company; Eutek Systems; Fairfield Engineering Co.; Franklin Miller Inc.; Infilco Degremont Inc.; Krebs Engineers; Laval, Claude, Corp.; Smith & Loveless, Inc.; Techniflo Systems; TLB Corp.; Waste Tech/Centrisys; Wemco Operation of Eimco Process Equipment; Westech Engineering Inc. Removing grit from waste treatment plant influent prevents wear and abrasion of pumps and other mechanical machinery in the system. High-speed equipment, such as centrifuges, requires the elimination of practically all grit to prevent rapid wear and reduce maintenance. Removing grit from the incoming waste flow also reduces the potential for pipe plugging. Heavy grit loads can also lead to deposition in settling tanks, aeration units, and digesters, which can require frequent tank draining for cleaning.

Usually the removal of the particles greater than 0.2 mm or 65 mesh is accomplished. Clean grit containing no organic material is ideally disposed on land without odor or nuisance problems. When organic or decomposing material is removed with the grit, it must be washed to free the organic material and return it to the treatment process.

When centrifugation is used to thicken and dewater waste sludges, higher degrees of grit removal are required. Most centrifuges used in waste treatment applications are hard-finished and subject to heavy wear. Fine grit can drastically shorten the operating life (period between resurfac-ings) of these instruments. For such applications, grit of at least 150-mesh (0.10 mm) size should be removed from the waste stream, and occasionally detritus as fine as 325 mesh (0.04 mm) must also be removed to protect centrifugal machines.

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