Partial List Of Suppliers

ABB Kent Inc.; Ametek Inc.; Cole-Parmer Co.; Delta F Corp.; Electro-Nite Co.; Enterra Instrument Technologies Inc.; Fischer & Porter Co.; Foxboro Co.; Great Lakes Instruments Inc.; Hays Republic Corp.; Honeywell Industrial Controls; Horiba Ltd.; Ingold Electrodes Inc.; Leeds & Northrup Co.; Milton Roy Co.; MTL (B); Ohmart Corp.; Orbisphere Laboratories (Switzerland); Robertshaw Controls Co.; Rosemount Analytical, Uniloc Div.; Royce Instrument Corp.; Teledyne Analytical Instruments; Waltron Ltd.; Yokogawa Corp. of America; YSI Inc.

In wastewater treatment applications, the DO concentration is often measured within the slimy sludge layer. Therefore, the membrane surface must be kept clean. Keeping the membrane surface clean is achieved partly by coating the membrane with a growth-inhibiting chemical, toxic to bacteria, and partly by attaching a vibratory paddle-cleaner, which cleans the membrane by back-and-forth motion close to the surface (see Figure 7.8.6).

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