Partial List Of Suppliers

ABB Kent-Taylor Inc. (A); Air Monitor Corp. (C); Alnor Instrument Co. (A); Andersen Instruments Inc. (A); Blue White Industries (A); Brandt Instruments (C); Davis Instrument Mfg. Co. (A); Dietrich Standard, a Dover Industries Company (Annubar— B); Dwyer Instruments Inc. (B); Fischer & Porter Inc. (A); Foxboro Co. (Pitot Venturi—A); Land Combustion Inc. (A); Meriam Instrument, a Scott Fetzer Company (B); Mid-West Instrument (Delta Tube—B); Preso Industries (Elliptical—B); Sirco Industries Ltd. (A); Ultratech Industries Inc. (A); United Electric Controls Co. (A)

While pitot sensors are low-accuracy and low-rangeabil-ity detectors, they do have a place in wastewater treatment-related flow measurement. Pitot tubes should be used when the measurement is not critical, the water is reasonably clean, and a low cost measurement is needed. These sensors can be inserted in the pipe without shutdown and can also be removed for periodic cleaning while the pipe is in use. Multiple-opening pitot tubes (see Figure 7.6.8) are less sensitive to flow velocity profile variations than single-opening (see Figure 7.6.9) tubes. In some dirtier applications, purged pitot tubes are also used.

FIG. 7.6.8 The design of an averaging pitot tube. (Reprinted, with permission, from Dietrich Standard, a Dover Industries Company.)
FIG. 7.6.9 Schematic diagram of an industrial device for sensing static and dynamic pressures in a flowing fluid.
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