Partial List Of Suppliers

Aaborg Instruments & Controls Inc. (A); Aquamatic Inc. (B); Blue White Industries (A); Brooks Instrument Div. of Rosemount (A); Dwyer Instruments Inc. (A); ERDCO Engineering Corp. (D); ESKO Industries Ltd. (A); Fischer & Porter Co. (A); Flowmetrics Inc. (A); Gilflo Metering & Instrumentation Inc. (D); Gilmont Instruments Div. of Barnant Co. (B); Headland Div. of Racine Federated Inc. (D); ICC Federated Inc. (A); ISCO Environmental Div. (C); Ketema Inc. Schutte and Koerting Div. (A); Key Instruments (A); King Instrument Co. (A); Kobold Instruments Inc.; Krone America Inc. (A); Lake Monitors Inc.; Matheson Gas Products Inc. (A); McMillan Co.; Meter Equipment Mfg. Inc. (D); Metron Technology (A); Omega Engineering Inc. (A); G. A. Planton Ltd. (D); Porter Instrument Co. Inc. (A); Turbo Instruments Inc. (D); Universal Flow Monitors Inc. (D); Wallace & Tiernan Inc. (A); Webster Instruments (D)

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