Partial List Of Suppliers

American LEWA Inc. (A,B,C); Barnant Co. (A); Blue White Industries; Bran & Luebbe Inc.; Clark-Cooper Corp. (B,C); Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.; Flo-Tron Inc. (B); Fluorocarbon Co.;

Gerber Industries; Hydroflow Corporation; LDC Analytical; Leeds & Northrup, Unit of General Signal; Liquid Metronics Inc. Milton Roy Div. (B); Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.; Ruska Instrument Corp.; S J Controls Inc.; Valcor Scientific; Wallace & Tiernan Inc. (B,C)

In the wastewater treatment industry, metering pumps are often used to charge reagents, coagulants, or other additives. While they require periodic recalibration, their advantages include high accuracy (similar to turbine or positive displacement flowmeters), high rangeability, suitability for slurry service, and the ability to both pump and meter the fluid.

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