Partial List Of Suppliers

Sedimentation: Chemical Waste Management Inc.; Dorr-Oliver Inc.; Eimco Process Equipment Co.; Wyo Ben Inc.; National Hydro Systems Inc.; Sharples Stokes Div., Pennwalt; Water Tech Inc.; AFL Industries

Centrifugation: Clinton Centrifuge Inc.; ALFA Laval Inc.; Tetra Recovery Systems; Dorr-Oliver Inc.; Bird Environmental Systems; Western States Machine; Fletcher; Astro Metallurgical; Barrett Centrifugals; Donaldson Industrial Group; GCI Centrifuges; General Production Services Inc.; IT Corp.; Ingersoll Rand Environmental; Master Chemical Corp. System Equipment; Sartorius Balance Div., Brinkman; Sharples Stokes Div., Pennwalt; Tekmar Co.; Thomas Scientific

Evaporation: Resources Conservation Company (mobile brine concentration systems); Kipin Industries; APV Equipment Inc.; Ambient Technical Div., Ameribrom Inc.; Analytical Bio Chem Labs; Aqua Chem Water Technologies; Capital Control Co., Inc.; Dedert Corp.; HPD Inc.; Industrial Filter & Pump Manufacturing; Kimre Inc.; Fontro Co., Inc.; Lancy International Inc.; Luwa Corp.; Licon Inc.; Rosenmund Inc.; Sasakura International American Corp.; Spraying Systems Co.; Votator Anco Votator Div.; Wallace & Tiernan Div., Pennwalt; Wastesaver Corp.; Weathermeasure Weathertronics; Wheaton Instruments

Air Stripping: OH Materials; Carbon Air Services; Detox Inc.; IT Corporation; Oil Recovery Systems Inc.; Resource Conservation Company; Terra Vac Inc.; Advanced Industrial Technology; Baron Blakeslee Inc.; Beco Engineering Co.; Calgon Carbon Corp.; Chem Pro Corp; D.R. Technology Inc.; Delta Cooling Towers; Detox Inc.; Hydro Group Inc.; IPC Systems; Kimre Inc.; Munters Corp.; NEPCCO; North East Environmental Products; Oil Recovery System Inc.; Tri-Mer Corp.; Wright R.E. Associates Inc.

Distillation: Exceltech, Inc.; Kipin Industries; Mobil Solvent Reclaimers, Inc.; APV Equipment Inc.; Ace Glass Inc.; Artisan Industries Inc.; Gilmont Instruments Inc.; Glitsch Inc.; Hoyt Corp.; Licon Inc.; Progressive Recovery Inc.; Rosenmund Inc.; Sutcliffe Croftshaw; Tekmar Co.; Thomas Scientific; Vera International Inc.; Vic Manufacturing Co.; Industrial Div.; Wheaton Instruments; York Otto H. Co., Inc.

Soil Flushing: Critical Fluid Systems; IT Corp.

Liquid/Liquid Extraction: Resources Conservation Co.

Filtration: Calgon Carbon Corp.; Carbon Air Services Inc; Chemical Waste Management; Industrial Innovations Inc., Krauss-Maffei; Komline Sanderson; Bird Machine Co.; D.R. Sperry, Inc., Dorr-Oliver

Carbon Adsorption: Calgon Carbon Corp.; Carbon Air Services Inc.; Zimpro Inc.; Chemical Waste Management

Reverse Osmosis: Osmonics, Inc.; Artisan Industries Inc.

Ion Exchange: Calgon Carbon; Dionex; DeVoe-Holbein; Davis Instrument Mfg Co., Inc.; Ecology Protection Systems, Inc.; Envirex Inc.; Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg.; Lancy International Inc.; McCormack Corp.; Osmonic Membrane Sys. Div.; Pace International Corp.; Permutit Co., Inc.; Serfilco LTD.; Techni Chem., Inc.; Thomas Scientific; Treatment Technologies; Water Management Inc.; Western Filter Co.

Chemical Precipitation: Mobile Systems-Rexnord Craig; Ecolochem Inc., Dravo Corp.; Detox Inc.; Envirochem Waste Management Services; Chemical Waste Management Inc.; Andco Environmental Processes Inc.; Ensotech Inc.; Tetra Recovery Systems

Chemical and physical waste treatment processes are used for removal rather than destruction. A more appropriate term for non-destructive processes is concentration technologies (Martin & Johnson 1987). Physical treatment processes use physical characteristics to separate or concentrate constituents in a waste stream. Residues then require further treatment and ultimate disposal. Chemical treatment processes alter the chemical structure of wastes, producing residuals that are less hazardous than the original waste.

In this section, physical treatment processes are organized into four groupings: gravity; phase change; dissolution; and size, adsorptivity, or ionic characteristics (Table 11.15.1). Important physical treatment data needs are presented in Table 11.15.2.

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