Partial List Of Suppliers

Broadley James Corp.; Capital Controls Inc.; Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.; Foxboro Analytical Co.; George Fischer Signet Inc.; Great Lakes Instruments Inc.; Johnson Yokogawa Corp.; Lakewood Instruments; Leeds & Northup, Unit of General Signal; Polymetron; Rosemount Analytical Inc. Uniloc Div.; Sensorex; TBI-Bailey Controls Co.

ORP measurement is important in wastewater treatment applications. Examples of these applications are the removal of heavy metals, such as chromium, from metal finishing wastewater and cooling tower blowdown streams. ORP sensors are also used in cyanide removal, which is often required when heavy metals are removed. In sanitary wastewater treatment, ORP measurement controls the addition of an oxidant for odor control. Also, in most aerobic or anaerobic biological digestion processes, bacterial health can be judged on the basis of ORP measurements.

Section 7.43 discusses various ORP control systems; this section describes the ORP detector only.

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