Performance of Sewage Treatment Applications

Commercial-scale systems with capacities of 3000 to 30,000 gpd have operated for thousands of hours. These systems handle sanitary waste containing 200 to 600 mg/l BOD. Hydraulic loading (flux) of the membranes is sustained at approximately 10 gpd per sq ft.

These systems achieve essentially 95% BOD removal. The BOD that does pass through is in the form of dissolved solids. The BOD content of the effluent is below 1 mg/l, with COD ranging from 20 to 30 mg/l. Coliform bacteria counts in the effluent have been zero, and additional sterilization of the effluent is not practiced.

The processes are stable when occasionally exposed to toxic materials in the feed that would upset other, less-concentrated, biological systems. This stability can be explained partially by the large biomass in the process and partially by the fact that the membrane is a positive barrier preventing the exit of the dead biomass.

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