Performing Routine Maintenance

The noise of a worn muffler is familiar. Likewise, studies of automobile tire noise in relation to pavement roughness show that maintenance of the pavement surface is essential to keep noise at minimum levels. Normal road wear can yield noise increases on the order of 6 dBA.

Faulty installation and maintenance can result in ex cessive vibration. Equipment should be checked periodically. Gradual increases in vibration should be examined in routine maintenance; sudden increases call for action. Increased vibration in machinery can be caused by the following:

• Rotational imbalance which requires rebalancing

• Misalignment of couplings or bearings

• Eccentric journals

• Defective or damaged gears

• Mechanical looseness

• Faulty drive belts

• Rubbing parts and resonant conditions

Rapid increases in vibration can be traced to a variety of causes, such as lack of lubrication, overload, or misalign ment. In pumps, cavitation can erode an impeller. In fans, dirt adheres to the blades and then breaks off unevenly.

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