Pollution Reduction

The CAA of 1970 establishes primary and secondary standards for criteria pollutants. Primary standards protect human health, while secondary standards protect materials, crops, climate, visibility, and personal comfort. The standard for total suspended particulates (TSP) is an annual geometric mean of 75 ^g/m3 and a maximum 24 hr average of 260 ^g/m3. This standard is currently being reviewed by the U.S. EPA for possible change.

Prevention of air pollution from industrial operations starts within the factory or mill. Several alternatives are available to prevent the emission of a pollutant including:

• Selecting process inputs that do not contain the pollutant or its precursors

• Operating the process to minimize generation of the pollutant

• Replacing the process with one that does not generate the pollutant

• Using less of the product whose manufacture generates the pollutant

• Removing the pollutant from the process effluent.

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