Preparation Of Coagulant Solutions

Polyelectrolytes are high-molecular weight substances that have high viscosities in aqueous solutions. Most are obtained in powder form and prepared as stock solutions with concentrations under 1% by weight. The stock solution is frequently diluted with additional water at the time of use to a concentration of 0.05 to 0.25% by weight.

In a common system for preparing polyelectrolyte solutions, the two-tank schemes shown in Figures 7.34.11 and 7.34.14 permit the flow of floc solution to continue to the addition point while the solution is being prepared. The dilution system after the metering pump dilutes the stock solution to working concentration levels.

Thorough dispersion of the polyelectrolyte in the makeup water is essential, although this can be achieved by mechanical agitation, most systems use a disperser (see Figure 7.34.9) or an eductor jet. The vacuum created by the high-velocity water flow sucks in the solids and disperses them uniformly. If an educator jet is used, it can suck the polyelectrolyte from the container through a semirigid polyethylene hose.

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