Primary Sludge

The SS content of the primary clarifier or thickener underflow (primary sludge) varies depending on the detention time. Researchers found volatile solids of 8.2 to 10.7% weight in undigested primary sludge going from thickeners to high-rate anaerobic digesters (Jeris 1968). They measured material with a solids content of 6 to 10% weight in the same stream when vacuum filtration equipment was fed from thickeners. This sludge is usually hydrophilic and nondewaterable. One of the purposes of the anaerobic digester is to convert it into a readily dewaterable form.

Researchers reported a filtration rate of 6.9 lb/hr/ft2 for settled primary sludge on an RDVF (Eckenfelder 1970). Other results include a filtration rate of 5 lb/hr/ft2 for settled primary sludge on the vacuum filter (dry basis), with 32% solids in the filter cake. Undigested raw sludge should

FIG. 7.47.1 Schematic diagram of vacuum filter dewatering equipment.

not be filtered because of odors, cleaning problems, and potential health hazards.

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