Properties of Membranes

The membrane properties include electrical conductivity and selectivity for ion transport. Ion-exchange membranes are usually prepared from strong, hydrated electrolytes. Some common resins are polystyrene cross-linked with di-vinyl benzene and polyethylene- or fluorocarbon-base resins.

The electrical area resistance of membranes is up to 40 ohm-cm2. Selectivity is characterized by permselectivity, which is defined with reference to transport numbers of ions as follows:


tm = Transport number of ions within the membrane ts = Transport number of ions in free solution Sp = Permselectivity

Thus, the permselectivity indicates the permeability of the ion to which the membrane is impervious. This property of selectivity is caused by equilibrium between fixed ionic groups in the membranes and the solution wetting the membranes.

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