Quality Of Effluent

Chemically precipitated and filtered wastes can be disposed in a subsurface system, provided that there is adequate land to accommodate the hydraulic load. Biological treatment may be necessary to improve water quality before discharge into a small stream.

Water reuse should be considered because of the large volume. Since chemical coagulants increase total dissolved solids in water, complete reuse and recycle would continuously increase total dissolved solids. Thus, chemicals should be limited to prevent excess. Because the water is still warm, heat energy can be saved by recycling treated effluent. To control total solids buildup, an ion exchange system is theoretically applicable. However, experience shows that this system is not effective in treating laundry waste effluents. Other uses for the treated water may be found, depending on the water requirements of nearby industries. Recharging water into the soil uses the soil's natural treatment ability and maintains a high water level in the aquifer, providing water for the laundromat.

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