Quantities of LLRW Generated

Each year, the DOE national low-level waste management program publishes data on both national and state-specific LLRW commercially disposed of in the United States (Fuchs & McDonald 1993). Data are categorized by disposal site, generator category, waste class, volume, and ra-dionuclide activity. A distinction is made between LLRW shipped directly for disposal by generators, and waste handled by an intermediary. Wastes are subdivided into five categories:

• Government

• Industrial

The volume of LLRW disposed of at commercial sites exceeded 3,500,000 ft3 in 1980 (LLWMP 1982). The volume of LLRW disposed of at these sites since that time has steadily declined. In 1992, commercial LLRW disposal facilities received a total volume of 1,743,279 ft3 of waste containing an activity of 1,000,102 curies. Waste distribution by disposal site is presented in Table 11.26.5. Tables 11.26.6 and 11.26.7 provide typical radionuclide and waste forms associated with commercial LLRW. Table

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