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Radial Flow in a Semiconfined Aquifer

Radial flow in a semiconfined aquifer occurs when the flow is towards a well in an aquifer such as the one shown in Figure 9.3.4.

When leakage through the confining layer is considered, Equation 9.3(4) becomes

9r2 r

The general solution of this equation is

where A and B are arbitrary constants, and Io and Ko are modified Bessel functions of zero order and of the first and second kind, respectively. Table 9.3.1 is a short table of the four types of Bessel functions. The two constants are

FIG. 9.3.4 Radial flow in an infinite semiconfined aquifer. (Reprinted from A. Verrjuit, 1982, Theory of groundwater flow, 2d ed., Macmillan Pub. Co.)
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