Radiation Monitoring

Radiation measurement for the purpose of protection from exposure requires proper measuring devices and proper measurement techniques. Equipment and units of measure for health protection are designed in terms of absorbed radiation dose. This absorbed dose is defined as the energy imparted to matter by ionizing radiation per unit mass of irradiated material at a given location. This unit of ab sorbed dose is called a rad. The dose equivalent is a quantity used in radiation protection to express all radiation exposure on a common scale. The unit of dose equivalent is the rem. Rads of y and ยก5 radiation are normally equivalent to rems, and are used interchangeably. The sievert (Sv) is the equivalent SI unit and is equal to 100 rems.

Radiation doses can be measured using survey meters when instantaneous dose readings of a particular area are required, or by badges or dosimeters for longer-term measurements. Radiation surveys will often measure doses from the source, surface contamination (using wipe samples), and airborne contaminants.

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