Rapid Mixing

The chemical reagent must first be completely dispersed throughout the wastewater. This requirement is especially important when an inorganic coagulant such as alum is used because the precipitation reactions occur immediately. In lime treatment, the lime slurry should be dispersed throughout the wastewater in the presence of the previously formed precipitate (recycled sludge). The sludge pro

FIG. 7.32.2 Effects of alum and lime additions. A, Alum; B, Lime.

vides an abundant surface area on which large amounts of chemical precipitates can form. When the sludge is not recycled, gross deposits (scaling) of calcium carbonate develop on the tank walls and other surfaces.

Rapid mixing occurs in 10 to 30 sec in a basin with a turbine mixer. About 0.25 to 1 hp per mgd is used for rapid mixing. A mean temporal velocity gradient in excess of 300 ft per sec per ft is recommended.

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