Raw Material Selection And Mixture

Wastewater treatment facilities add amendments to sludge to adjust the moisture and other characteristics (such as nutrient level) to improve composting. Bulking agents are added for structural support. The goal is to create a mixture of sludge and bulking agent and amendment with the proper characteristics to support aerobic digestion. The choice of material depends on the characteristics of the sludge, in particular the moisture content (which depends on the degree and type of dewatering process) and the nitrogen content of the sludge. The proper mixture has an appropriate C:N balance, proper porosity (to ensure aerobic conditions), and proper moisture content. Haug (1993) points out that the amount of free air space in the mixture is more crucial than the porosity, which is the amount of space not occupied by solids or water.

In terms of porosity and moisture content, the latter is usually the determining factor. A typical value for a mixed pile is about 60% moisture and 40% solids. High moisture levels lower the free air space of the pores and thus

FIG. 7.55.1 Composting process flow diagram.
FIG. 7.55.2 Composting process.

inhibit aerobic activity, while low moisture levels do not support sufficient biological activity.

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