RDF Preparation Plant

Figure 10.8.1 shows the process flow diagram of the RDF preparation plant in Haverhill, Massachusetts. This plant has been operating since 1984, feeding 100% RDF to a

250,000-lb/hr boiler designed for RDF service. In this facility, 1300 tpd of MSW are separated into 983 tpd of RDF fuel, 260 tpd of glassy residue which are landfilled, and 57 tpd of ferrous metals which are sold. The MSW passes through two parallel 70 tph Heil shredders producing an output particle size of 90% under 4 in (101.6 mm). The ferrous metals are removed by dings and head pulley magnets.

The shredded refuse passes through a two-stage, 12.5ft diameter, 60-ft long (3.8 m X 18.24 m) trommel screen. The first stage has 1-in holes to remove the glassy residue. The second stage has 6-in (152.4 mm) holes that separate

FIG. 10.8.1 RDF preparation plant in Haverhill, Massachusetts. (Reprinted, with permission, from D. Kaminski, 1986, Performance of the RDF delivery and boiler-fuel system at Lawrence, Massachusetts facility, National Waste Processing Conference, Denver, 1986 [ASME].)

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