Recovery Of Chemical Additives

Figure 7.48.6 shows the performance of centrifuging for the selective recovery of calcium carbonate solids from a limed sewage sludge. When the economics of plant size and location warrant calcining and recycling, such recovery is readily made from limed sewage sludges, tertiary limed sludges for phosphate removal, water-softening lime sludges, and limed industrial sludges, frequently at efficiencies of 70 to 85% of the concentration of the calcium carbonate in the feed.

The calcium carbonate content is often 40 to 70% of the SS. The SS content of flocculated phosphate complexes and magnesium hydroxide varies from almost zero to 30%. Figure 7.48.12 shows the relative recoveries of magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate for two limed sludges. Calcium hydroxyapatite recovery approximates that of the hydroxide. Selective recovery of calcium carbonate also assures a reduced content of unfavorable solids in the recycled material.

The cake is deposited in an imperforate bowl knifing centrifuge (basket) with a high concentration gradient due to both differences in residence time and the relative densities of the collected solids. Whole sewage from a contact stabilization plant can produce a cake with a 5% solids content at the inner edge and 30% at the bowl wall, with a nonlinear concentration gradient. Because the lighter and lower concentration material is largely organic, returning to stabilization by selective removal with the skimming

FIG. 7.48.12 Relative recoveries of magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate from limed sludges.

tube is sometimes feasible. The knifed-out residue then has a higher concentration and is more suitable for incineration. Adjusting the cut point between the skimmed and knifed material can accommodate changes in the feed and required dryness of the heavier discharge.

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