Recyclable Materials 40 Cfr 2616

Recycled hazardous wastes are known as recyclable materials. These materials remain hazardous, and their identification as recyclable materials does not exempt them from regulation. With certain exceptions, recyclable materials are subject to the requirements for generators, transporters, and storage facilities. The exceptions are wastes regulated by other sections of the regulations and wastes that are exempt, including: waste recycled in a manner constituting disposal; waste burned for energy recovery in boilers and industrial furnaces; waste from which precious metals are reclaimed; or spent lead-acid batteries being reclaimed. Wastes generally exempt from regulation are reclaimed industrial ethyl alcohol, used batteries or cells returned to a battery manufacturer for regeneration, scrap metal, and materials generated in a petroleum refining facility. Recycled used oil is subject to used oil management standards (Part 279 of RCRA).

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